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Forever Skies DEMO Review

  SUMMARY Forever Skies is a first-person survival game taking place on earth after an ecological disaster that I would argue is actually the end of the world. You'll be faced with the usual survival game dangers such as food, water, and energy. I would compare this game to both Subnautica and Raft.  GAMEPLAY To start the game you'll be locked in a drop pod in an emergency lockdown sequence. You'll need to go and interact with the door to start exploring the world. Once the door is open you'll be looking out at sink hole central. Very few buildings are visual amongst the endless void below you. You'll need to explore the destroyed building you're on until you find an airship. After you do you'll get the objective to build the engine. You'll need to look for data pads to unlock blueprints. The first one you find should be for the engine. Once you build it you'll need to fill it with synthetic fuel. One time crafting it will give you the 10/20 you nee

Serena Review [Spoilers]

       Serena  is a free to play point and click indie horror game only available on steam. It released January 30th in 2014 so I'm a good bit late on this one but lets get into it. You take control of a man sitting in his getaway cabin trying to remember his wife's face after her disappearance. You'll start sitting at a table with a picture in front of you, you'll need to interreact it to start the game. Your 1st objective is to go around the whole cabin interacting with everything to try and remember her face. Once you do you're character will start to sound angry when interacting with everything around. Once you open the chest that was locked the 1st go around you'll find a jewelry box. Once you pick it up it'll appear on the table. You need to interact with it to move on to stage 3 of the game. Inside you'll find a wedding ring and what my brain saw as bottle caps but I'm dumb and stupid and it is almost 100% something else. Once you go through a

A Short Introduction

Hello everybody, my name's Fantom and I just wanted to give a quick rundown of what I'll be bringing to this site. I'm sure you know that Breone brings news content usually based off drama and some opinion based posts. I won't be taking the same approach. I'll be doing something that Breone did about a year ago and that would be video game based content. I'll be doing game reviews and maybe even some game challenges. Although I'm going in to this site expecting to only be doing game related content there's always time to broaden my content. I don't want to take up to much of anyone's time so I'll wrap it up here. If there is any game and/or challenge you'd like me to cover make sure to drop it in the comment section, I'll be watching for those suggestions! -Fantom

YouTube’s New Experimental ‘pinch to zoom’ Feature Is Kind Of Lame… (The Breone Opinion)

Being a YouTube Premium subscriber you get a lot of perks over on YouTube and me being me I only watch YouTube over cable tv or Netflix. But Those pesky ads on YouTube got to me a few months ago and I decided to cave into getting myself a YouTube Premium membership when YouTube offered me a 3 months free trial. If you are a YouTube Premium member you would know that YouTube offers you the three main perks that they advertise for $15.99 per month. These perks consist of Ad-free videos & background play, the ability to download videos to watch when you don’t have an internet connection, and YouTube music premium. Something that YouTube does not state on their subscription page is that they offer experimental beta features to Premium users, which these features are exclusive to YouTube.  YouTube released a new experimental feature to YouTube this week and I wanted to give my opinion on this experimental feature. I have been a YouTube Premium subscriber for around 4 months and some of

My Website Just Got Monetized!

Hello everyone! It's Breone and I am thrilled to announce that my site just finally got approved for Ads. After a few days of getting my videos demonetized over on YouTube, I was thrilled to see that Google approved my website for ads. This site has been very inactive throughout its lifespan and now that it just got monetized, I want to start posting content here. I currently pay around $12 yearly to host this site and now that we have ads it gives me an opportunity to be able to make back the money I have spent paying for the domain to this website. I do plan to make more than $12 dollars from ads on this site though. Now that the site is monetized it gives me more motivation to post articles here for you guys covering the internet drama I talk about on my YouTube channels weekly. With your guys' help, I hope that I can keep posting articles on this website because I enjoy writing articles (if you didn't know) and I am very excited for what is to come from this website. Th

Bringing Back Content Soon!

 I started this website and made a few articles last year. I abruptly stopped posting and haven't really been consistent on here even though I purchased a domain for the site. I will start posting content again in June when school is over. I can't wait for that to come but until then I plan on posting periodically on topics I feel like posting about.